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Water Sports -- Fishing, Boating & Swimming

The property has 10 different fishing ponds. Each is capable of providing large bass of 5 pounds or more. The primary honey hole is the main lake which is 1,700 feet long by 1,200 feet at its widest point. Because of its shape, the lake is about 40 surface acres. Built as a flood control dam, the water expands to over 200 acres during major floods and rises over 35 feet and lasting from a few days to several weeks.

The second honey hole is appropriately named Jimís like since it is his private reserve. The lake was created in a swampy drainage area. It is in a very secluded part of the property and has a companion lake named Secret Lake. Both can produce exceptional crappy and bass. The unofficial ranch bass record is 12 pounds on a worm and 25 pounds for a blue catfish caught on a trout line.

The main lake is large enough to permit water skiing and tubing behind a jet ski. It is also perfect for sail boating on a small craft.


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