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Lakes & Ponds

Water Management:

Water is the life blood of North Central Texas. The region receives less than 30 inches of rain in many years. Often 1/5th of the annual rainfall can occur in several days, leading to tremendous run-off and little lasting benefit. Native plants often go for months withstanding searing temperatures and no precipitation. Little Bluestem is so well adapted that it's roots grow 15 feet.

Water conservation depended on four actions:


Eliminate rain runoff


Deepen and improve flood control dams


Foster drought tolerant habitat


Limit commercial and recreational water use to surface sources

To eliminate run-off nine new ponds and three major water diversions were created. A dozen naturally occurring low spots were deepened creating seasonal micro marshland conditions. The two largest lakes have been dredged of more than 30 year of silt. To catch lighter rains, the most adapted native grasses were planted in on all of the upland prairies.



Dredging the main lake.

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