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Shooting Range



The shooting range emphasizes safety and group competition. Using sporting clay throwers, it is a completely different shooting experience. Between 2 and 16 can participate. The shooters stand on small, easy to supervise platforms with clearly visible gun guides.

Four platforms  accommodate teams of up to four shooters, firing simultaneously at up to three targets. By pairing accurate marksmen with less predictable shooters, each team uses a Florida Scramble scoring system to rack up points. Four guns using three loads can fill the air with plenty of lead,  providing 12 “chances” on each throw.

The throwers are competition quality equipment that can be moved into an infinite number of positions. They are radio activated and computer controlled so every team sees the same set of throws -- but in an unpredictable order.

The range can be set-up in minutes and is only a short drive from the main barn and the lodge.



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