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Cattle Drives


Prairie Oaks Ranch is located five miles East of Bowie, Texas on U.S. Hwy 59 and directly adjacent to the Bowie Municipal airport. This part of North Texas is rich in history and lore. When the land was homesteaded cattle trails were replaced with fences and cotton farming. Small, one-store communities popped up all over the county to provide one-room schools, a church or two and a general store. Most needed to be within walking distance since the area was poor and relied on horses.                                                                                                

One of those tiny towns developed on the Northeastern edge of Prairie Oaks Ranch. Named after the first successful merchant, a cemetery still bears the name of Henry A. Tage. The community was founded in the 1890s. Tage came to Montague County from Pennsylvania. He purchased 160 acres of land from T.R. Willis and built and operated a grocery store, operated the post office, and was the only notary public for many years. The Tage School was built in 1894 and continued until 1917 when it consolidated with the Lone Star School. (The school district was in existence from 19031917.) Tage contained its school, two churches (Baptist and Church of Christ), the post office, a corn mill, a cotton gin, a blacksmith shop, and two or three general stores. Tage Cemetery is next to the Baptist Church, which still stands and was renovated in 1986. Most of the stores, the gin and school were all located on parts of the ranch and stone foundations, stone ramps and stone lined wells have been preserved to keep alive the history of this part of Texas.


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