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Meetings & Conferences:

The CEO Retreat Center was created for senior executives and board members looking for a highly productive environment for business planning or team building. PO Ranch combines state of the art meeting facilities with comfortable surroundings that make you feel relaxed and creative. Leaving the distractions of your office behind, your team will be able to focus on strategy and action steps that will help you achieve your most important goals.

Sometimes you need to build "buy-in" or chart a new direction. Work intensely for several hours and then take time to walk on the trails, slip into a fishing boat or play 30 minutes of golf. When you return refreshed, new approaches will be more obvious and everyone will be pulling as a unit.

In the afternoon you can play teambuilding sports like paintball, sporting clays or touch football.  You decide. No reservations are needed to enjoy any sport because the entire ranch is yours, .

Later meet around the BBQ pit and enjoy fellowship with our chuck wagon dinner until the stars come out.

High speed internet, fax machines and multiple telephones will keep you connected. Internet video is available if you need to hook in other executives.

The ranch can also provide facilitators to help your team stay on schedule and build a consensus. We can also arrange King Air service to get you on to your next meeting.

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