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Jimmy Wadsworth became the primary ranch manager in 2003 when Tommy Hays took partial retirement. Jimmy has been actively involved with the ranch since it was acquired in 1987. His primary occupation is a local building contractor and his company Wadsworth Builders constructed every structure on the property.

Jimmy's primary focus is on structure management, mowed grass management and equipment management. He also oversees the commercial tree operation.

Tommy Hays primary focus is on cattle management, land management and the impressive Ferrari Garden, named for the fine collection of racy plants he grows for the families who work and visit the property.

Tommy moved to Bowie to work for the Soil Conservation Service. Notably, he was involved in the construction of the massive flood control dam built in 1968. His knowledge of plants and soil conditions was essential to the initial 10 year development plan which included restoration of approximately 600 acres of native grasses.



Jimmy Wadsworth - Ranch Manager                                                                       Tommy Hays - Ranch Manager

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