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  Dinosaur Trail


Tenantosaurus femur -- part of 3' long bone from this common North Texas dinosaur.
110 million years ago dinosaurs roamed Northeast Texas. At the time, large ocean lakes extended up to Bowie and the giant reptiles partied on its inland beaches.

Some made the mistake of falling into riverbeds, becoming fatally injured and then preserved for history when minerals replaced individual living cells.

Dr. Lewis Jacobs, one of America's foremost dinosaur authorities, well known author and Professor of Paleontology at SMU, has lead dinosaur field work at the ranch. In their trips, students have discovered bones and claws which are now in the Shuler Museum at SMU.

The dinosaur trail covers approximately 1 mile of dry creek bottom. Deep, cavernous walls expose millions of years of sediment including the familiar red strata where bones are discovered. A sharp eye and a little luck can yield results.

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